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If you are applying to join the credit union as a new member, please complete the 'New Member Application'. The Product Enrollment Form is for existing members requesting to add additional services only.

This is a secured web site. However, if you are uncomfortable completing this application online, Please print the PDF Version and either fax or mail it to us directly.

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Electronic Checking

Electronic Checking provides you access to your money with your Debit/ATM card and through Online Banking/Bill Pay.

YES, please add the Electronic Checking Account to my Membership.
YES, please send a Debit/ATM card.
YES, please send a Debit/ATM card for Joint Owner.

Christmas Club Savings

Christmas Club Savings allows you to budget for the holidays in advance. The program runs annually from Nov. 1st through Oct. 31st, however, you can enroll in the club at any time. Dividends are paid annually on Oct. 31st and funds are disbursed either by Direct Deposit into your Dowell Electronic Checking Account or with a check via mail.

YES, please add the Christmas Club Savings Account to my Membership.

Select your preferred disbursement option:

ATM/Debit Card Signup

A Debit Card provides account access 24/7. You can access funds from your savings and/or checking when used at an ATM, or you can make point of sale (POS) purchases drawn off your Electronic Checking Account*.

*Requires an open Electronic Checking Account (If you are not currently enrolled, please also complete Electronic Checking enrollment section above).

YES, please add a Debit/ATM Card.
YES, please send a Debit/ATM card for Joint Owner.

Online Access

Access your account information 24/7 with online access through our website at When you enroll, a generic password will be mailed to the address on your account. This temporary password will allow you to login and customize your password.

YES, please add Online Account Access.

eStatements Signup

Receive your periodic account statements via secure e-mail. Once enrolled, your statements will be sent to the e-mail address you have provided above. E-statements can be saved to your files, printed, or viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. The password to open/view your e-statement will be the primary owners Social Security Number (with dashes--i.e. 555-55-5555).

YES, please enroll my account to receive eStatements.

Payroll Deduction:

I have this day authorized the Paymaster of:
to deduct the following amounts from my pay each payroll period until further notice from me:

This change will be effective in one to two payroll periods.

*Example 100 (No $ symbol or decimal needed)

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