Membership Savings

Join Dowell Federal Credit Union Today!

Become part of the Credit Union by first reviewing the Membership Disclosures and then completing a Membership Application online, or by printing and returning it to the Credit Union office with either an initial deposit of $5.00 or by electing a Payroll Deduction on the membership application. A new account packet will be mailed to you with the required signature card to sign and return to us.

Membership Eligibility

Membership Lasts a Lifetime...
A member retains his/her membership on the basis of "once a member, always a member" status.

Who Can Join Dowell FCU?

Dowell membership is an exclusive benefit to individuals who meet one of the following eligibility requirements:

  • If you are employed by one of Dowell Federal Credit Unions Select Employee Groups (SEG)*
    • Employees of Schlumberger Oil Field Services
    • Employees of Aquilex/Hydrochem
    • Employees of Chandler Instruments Company LLC
    • Employees of Process Manufacturing
    • Employees of Horizon Well Logging, LLC
    • Employees of Enerflow Industries Inc.
    • Employees of New Propsect Company
  • Retired Employees of any of the above companies
  • Members of your family
  • Other select employee groups