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Whether you can afford to start putting aside a little money or a lot, we're there to help. Dowell Federal Credit Union places a big emphasis on helping you save, and your savings are the foundation for building your financial future. As a matter of fact, we believe that saving is so important that we make opening a savings account the only prerequisite for membership. All it takes is a deposit of $5 in a savings account to become a lifetime member with Dowell Federal Credit Union. DFCU also pays competitive dividend rates on all savings account products!
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Electronic Checking (For Debit Card & Bill Pay Use)

Hassle-free checking -- A checking account without checks! This account is ALL ELECTRONIC. You access your money with your Debit/ATM card and through Online Banking and Online Bill Pay. Funds can be deposited by electronic transfer or by mail.
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Christmas Club Savings

Christmas Club accounts let you budget for the holidays in advance as opposed to paying for it next year, allowing you to enjoy Christmas! You even can arrange to have the money conveniently deducted directly from your paycheck, making saving painless. Plus, Christmas Club accounts earn a special savings dividend rate!
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A-Team Student Savings

Dowell FCU offers an exciting incentive program for all student members with 'A' grades! Watch your account balance grow one 'A' at a time by earning $1 for every 'A', or equivalent, in core subjects.
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Share Certificates

Share Certificates (CD's) are a great way to let your money work for you. You can earn higher dividend rates by placing your money in a CD versus leaving it in your savings account. CD's are flexible, safe investments that pay you a guaranteed rate for a fixed period of time.
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Account Services

Get More Out Of Your Credit Union!

Dowell Federal Credit Union offers an array of services to meet your financial needs. We make your life simpler by adding convenience and safety with products such as Direct Deposit, Debit Cards, Online Services and more. Please select a service to enroll or learn more about what DFCU can do for you!