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Payroll Deduction

The Most Convenient Way To Save or Repay A Loan.

Payroll Deduction allows you to have a portion of each payroll check deducted and deposited to your DFCU account(s). With this service your employer withholds a set amount from your paycheck and delivers it to the credit union on your behalf. The credit union then credits your account(s).

Payroll Deduction is only available to members who are employed by Select Employee Groups (i.e. Schlumberger, Aquilex/Hydrochem, and Process Manufacturing). Ineligible members may wish to establish direct deposit of their entire paycheck to the credit union, if permitted by your employer. Members also have the option to establish a recurring funds transfer from another institution.

Some of the many benefits to Payroll Deduction include:

For more information or to begin or change an existing payroll deduction, please contact a DFCU representative at 800-335-7662.

Secondary Payroll Direct Deposit Form:

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